Whilst staying in Glenelg you can choose to relax and enjoy the wildlife and scenery or there are ample opportunities for more active pursuits. Hills to climb, scenic walks, fishing, boat trips and a rich history to explore. It is also possible to use the Wee Hoose as the perfect base from which to explore further afield with day trips to the Isle of Skye, Plockton or the famous Eilean Donan Castle.

Fishing and Foraging

The beaches and rocky shorelines in and around Glenelg & Arnisdale have an abundance of shellfish available to the willing picker. Forage and you will likely find: mussels, periwinkles, whelks, razor clams, cockles and in the shallow waters. At low tide you may even bag yourself some scallops.

The waters of the lochs and sea around Glenelg and Arnisdale are teeming with fish as are most of the rivers. Permits can be obtained from the Glenelg Shop.

History and Culture

Uncovering the history from ancient times through the Jacobites to the modern day is fascinating and Glenelg and Arnisdale has a wealth of subjects to explore.

Because of the rural location most of the sites have remained undisturbed since they were built and abandoned thus preserving the geographic context.

For example … although the two brochs are well known, fewer people are aware of a third at the same location and that in the area there are many other ancient stones and dwelling remains. Come and discover:

Sea Eagles

Short of paying for a dedicated sea eagle watching trip, like those out of Portree, a visit to Glenelg or a trip to/from Skye via the ferry represents the best opportunity to see some most magnificent birds.

While you are watching and waiting you may also see golden eagle, otters, porpoise or seals. With a little extra luck you may see basking shark or dolphin.


The Northwest Highlands have long been noted as a stronghold of the golden eagle and these impressive birds are a regular sight here. Peregrine falcons hunt over the glens and hillsides and the white tailed (sea) eagle can often be seen hunting for fish over Kyle Rhea and a pair of these magnificent birds have nested locally for several years.

The list of birds that breed here includes raven, buzzard, common tern, eider, goosander, dipper, grey wagtail, grasshopper warbler, common sandpiper, tawny owl and barn owl. However, birds like magpie, jackdaw, rook and swift are notable for their absence though starlings are very rare visitors! Mountain tops can hold ptarmigan and dotterel.

To See & Do

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